Ullydin Thorick

Rugged Dwarf Adventurer/Hunter


A stout dwarf from “Up North” Ullydin is a jovial hunter. He is good friends with Nicodemus and is currently in his service running errands up and down the Sword Coast. Ullydin has scars that suggest he has seen his fair amount of combat. His beard is less than perfect and his armor and warhammer are in complete disrepair.


A guide and hunter in the forests up north in the forests and mountain ranges of the Silver Marches, Ullydin skills were sought by Nicodemus to track down missing answers. He is currently carrying a special hand-axe acquired at a Hunter’s Lodge meeting. The hand-axe is for a friend up north.

His combat methods are barbaric, yet effective. He sticks to the philosophy that most all problems can be solved either by a hearty swig of Dwarven Ale or a heavy swing of his warhammer (or a combination of the two). Not one for subtlety, Ullydin prefers to take the preemptive strike and charge into battle with an undiscriminating rage. Despite the ferocity he shows in combat, Ullydin is a good natured Dwarf who trusts easily and is fiercely loyal. However, those who betray his trust will not win it back so easily.

Ullydin Thorick

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