Zuggtmoy's Blessing

weapon (melee)

+3 (MW) Keen Longsword, +2d8 Corrupting Grace (acid). On a successful critical hit, it deals 1d4 CON damage.


Given to Vel’que by the wicked Tǝnǝzzül in her domain in the Abyss. This rusty, pitted sword is laced with rough patches of fungus growing in the corroded spaces of the blade. Inherently evil, it drips a sickly, thick ichor that runs out of the patches of growth. Without it, though, the party might have never made it out of the underhalls. After Vel’que slew the devil that held Count Vroulak prisoner, he disappeared into nothingness, the blade clattering on the stone floor. Rissis picked up the evil weapon, Believing that he will one day meet Vel’que and return it to him. It now resides in a scabard strapped to the backpack of Rissis, he dare not use it after learning the truth from Count Vroulak.

“This weapon is indeed evil. It will corrupt whoever uses it, only used willingly by those who have nothing to lose.” -Count Vroulak regarding Zuggtmoy’s Blessing

Zuggtmoy's Blessing

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