The Sdelka is a small 9" diameter rectangular ring made of onyx. Inside sits a smaller ring however, it ‘floats’ inside of it without anything holding it up. A character can hold either ring with and the other will simply float nearby. The rings are rigid and will not move, even under force. For all intents and purposes, the two rings act like a single object. The Count plainly states that it is vastly powerful and that it’s traveling to the material plane, probably roused some attention from less desirable entities.


Santhil spends several hours researching in Darromar’s library. This is what he found…

After carefully researching and cross referencing nearly three dozen different manuscripts, texts, documents, and other volumes, Santhil believes he has located what he believes in the Sdelka in nearly a quarter of the books he referenced. The first book pertains to ancient Rashemeni tribesman who used arcane magic to invoke a spiritualistic trance upon lesser beings and forced them to due their bidding. They used an item known as a zdela. The item was said to have been made of a dark stone of unknown origin. The tribesman were eventually wiped out by an adventuring human expedition that deemed the tribesmen too primitive for assimilation.

Several volumes later, Santhil comes across a diary of ancestors of the adventuring humans (Thayan) and finds that after the expedition the adventures travelled far back west to sell what they had accrued during their expedition. They traveled through Cormyr and the Dalelands selling their wares. However in the diary (it is incomplete) there seems to have been an altercation. The author, of unknown name, seems to have tried to hide the fact that he in fact was the very one carrying a zdela. Thayan enforcers eventually tracked him down and removed it from his person, forcefully.

Santhil then goes on to find in another tome pertaining to Cormyrian history of a political dispute with Thay concerning an unnamed piece of property. The dispute is over whether the Thayan nation had the right to remove private property from one of its own citizens while they were traveling in Cormyr. The record does not show how it ended and it appeared to have been solved outside of a court after a large sum of money was exchanged.

He then finds texts pertaining to the Dalelands concerning a time of strife and disorder. Drow sightings were at an all time high and Zhent and Thayan officials openly conducted business. Local municipalities eventually solved the dispute. They determined that there was a black market dealing gone bad and that the three parties became entangled and began a vicious covert war of terrorism, blackmail, and murder to hinder the other’s progress. Ultimately the dispute settled itself when it was believed that the Drow, a party from Menzoberranzan ultimately won whatever it was that they sought. Neither the Zhent nor the Thayan wizards were willing to pursue the Drow deep into the Underdark. The record does no show anything else pertaining to the matter.

Santhil deduces that the last known location of the zdela was the Dalelands. He also observes that the language of the Dalelands, Chondathan, and the language of Rashemen, Rashemi use the same alphabet, Thorass. A rough translation of zdela to Chondathan yields the following word: ztelka.


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