Four Carved Monkeys

Whistling wooden monkeys that can be tripped as alarms in several ways.


The monkeys can be used in two ways. First, one character may trip the alarm of every monkey other than their own (a whistling sound at talking level volume) by blowing into one of the monkeys. Second, the monkeys may be placed around as a simple motion detector to alarm a single one of the carvings. To operate properly, at least two of the monkeys must be given the same verbal order by the person holding them, or by each character holding one. A character holding one of the monkeys may order it to disregard the other monkeys rendering it a simple wooden carving until given a new order along with at least one of the other carvings.


Sharina gave the team this set of monkeys to be used on the day Waterdeep was invaded by the beholderkin. They could be from the wayfarers but it is hard to be sure. They are an extremely useful tool but have their limitations.

Four Carved Monkeys

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