Vel'que Desmodemon

Lost in translation, wandering in desolation


Male Half-Drow


The following is what little light Nicodemus can shed on the man:

The product of an ill fated union between man and drow, Vel’que was cast into a bleak world of hatred and dispassion. Not much is known about his early childhood or adolescent years. It is believed that he was raised in Menzoberranzan however this is merely speculation. Nicodemus says with certainty that Vel’que left his home, wherever that may have been, and travelled through the Underdark up north. He cannot say whether Vel’que ever made it to the surface, though. However due to some unknown reason, Vel’que returned home, a place he resented. It is believed that when Vel’que returned, whatever scarce trace of a family he had was gone. Vel’que stayed here for a while, living in isolation but eventually left. Nicodemus is unsure why. Nicodemus also speculates that during this time Vel’que made frequent trips back and forth to his abandoned home, for unknown reasons.

It is also believed that at this time, Vel’que began to planeswalk; traveling frequently, quietly slipping in and out of dimensions, carefully avoiding the prying eyes of those who make it their business to monitor mortals. Nicodemus says that during this time, many mages and scholars began to talk of a planeswalker who skirted death by traveling to dangerous planes. Nicodemus suggests that Vel’que would never have had any formal training in magic or extra-dimensional travel so it was a mystery as to how he did it… and survived. Nicodemus is a well traveled sage and knows many powerful figures, those educated in cultural teachings and those who are self taught practitioners of the Art. Through his many contacts and over many glasses of ale in taverns across the breadth of Faerun Nicodemus began to make it his business to keep tabs on this mysterious planeswalker, believing that it could be Vel’que. In hushed tones, tales were told of man who came and went as he pleased. Wandering in existence, the vagabond traveled far and wide. He never carried any weapons nor kept any company. Never asking an opinion and never lending one, he silently slid through the grates of society.

Nicodemus began to explain that due to his own line of work, he became very interested in this man, whom he was convinced was Vel’que. As with all great endeavors, its not what you know, but rather who. And to have the ally of a man who seemingly passed through the planes like a field of wild flowers would be a great aid. Nicodemus admits that he began to carefully study the comings and goings of the silent wanderer. His findings troubled him. He believes that Vel’que was now able to travel to farther and more obscure planes. Til now, he had stuck to the Ethereal and the Shadow Plane, and other smaller, lesser planes. What Vel’que was doing was conjecture. Nicodemus was aware that many individuals had expressed an interest in the half-drow. Although he could almost say with certainty that none of them knew Vel’ques identity. During the unrest in the North and the Dalelands, Nicodemus lost the trail of Vel’que and believed that something may have happened and feared for his death. However, what he found would prove far more terrible than what he had originally thought.

It appeared as though Vel’que was now traveling deeper and deeper into the planes, slowly unravelling the fabric of reality. The Demonweb Pits were now being frequented by the silent wanderer. This troubled Nicodemus greatly as his most trusted allies had been struggling with a violent cadre of Drow who had began launching a guerilla war into the civilized lands of humans and elves. And now to see Vel’que visiting the demon world of foul sorcery could only confirm his suspicions that Vel’que was indeed working for a far more sinister purpose. Worried by his findings, Nicodemus strengthened his resolve and began to track Vel’que across several planes but stopped at the edge of the Shadow. What he found only further burdened him. Vel’que had plunged into the depths of the Abyss. Confounding his earlier logic, Nicodemus was without an answer. Not even the Drow dared to investigate the swirling chaos that is the Abyss, yet this tragic soul not only willingly ventured there, but found the impossible in the Abyss: solace.

While the Material plane offered no one that Vel’que could relate to, the Abyss was home to a myriad of denizens. Vel’que found the comfort of an aasimar hidden in the depths of the Abyss. The aasimar as Nicodemus stated, was unnaturally beautiful and possessed a kindness not of this world, nor any others. Vel’que found tranquility and acceptance with the aasimar. An unlikely bond formed and Vel’que and her defied convention. However, as Nicodemus had already began to speculate, the relationship was doomed from its origins. The purity of the aasimar was marred by the black stain that has plagued Drow since their inception. The aasimar had been corrupted by the half-drow. Nicodemus knew not how, merely that it had happened.

What happened next shook the very foundations of the planes. To the mere mortal, not much changed, but magic users powerful enough to detect ripples in the planes knew that something had changed. The aasimar that Vel’que had courted was the daughter of a demon queen. A demoness who dwelt in the Abyss and was very protective of her celestial daughter. After involuntarily corrupting the aasimar, Vel’que invoked the wrath of an enemy that few could contend with. Almost immediately Nicodemus found the silent wanderer criss crossing planes at a blistering pace. Nicodemus had much to attend to in the material plane so he sent an expert tracker to travel south and scout out any information he could find. Ullydin was tasked with frequenting areas that it was believed that Vel’que surfaced. His search however, came up empty. Nicodemus however was able to focus his attention on Vel’que’s movements.

The demon queen relentlessly pursued Vel’que, hunting him to the far reaches of existence. Nicodmus guessed that Vel’que was craftily still able to maintain contact with the aasimar. At this point, several different groups had begun to take an interest in the silent wanderer. Criminal organizations bragged that he was an active agent plotting the ruin of peaceful peoples. Mages began to whisper plots of tricking Vel’que into revealing his secrets concerning the planes. Rival demons began to join the hunt for fun. Although this worried Nicodemus, there was little he could do. And Nicodemus knew it would take an immeasurable amount of persistence to track Vel’que down. Vel’que was cool and calculating, never letting danger interfere with his methods. He pitted enemy against enemy and always escaped two steps ahead of his pursuers. However, fate had its cruel way. By some sinister design, Vel’que was cornered and confronted by, as Nicodemus believes, a demonic aspect of the demon queen herself. Ultimately the demon perished but not before placing a dimensional anchor on Vel’que, trapping him in whatever plane he was in (presumably the Abyss, but even Nicodemus is unsure). With Vel’que trapped to one plane, the demon queen set out to corner him and find him.

Nicodemus never knew Vel’que’s precise location and doubted that very many did. It puzzled him as to how he was found. The only person who could have known of Vel’que’s location for certain was the aasimar. However, due to the enigmatic nature of Vel’que, nothing can be ruled out.

For a long time, Nicodemus was unable to keep tabs on the silent wanderer and feared the worst. He then set out to find a way to precisely locate the soul of Vel’que. He set out to Candlekeep to find a way.

Rissis and Santhill then brought startling news that Vel’que has already defied the will of the demon queen and has found a way to travel across planes. Nicodemus explains that it was not coincidence that they met in Candlekeep and in these dark times even the slightest glimmer of good fortune should not go unnoticed.

Vel'que Desmodemon

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