Rissis Naillo

Master of archery, mobility, and the wood.


Male Elven Scout
5’1" 108 lbs
Pointy ears


An expert at skirmish ranged combat, Rissis moves about the battlefield felling enemies with his weapon of choice, the longbow. Always on the move, at least 10 feet a round he slowly dwindles the numbers of his enemies one arrow at a time. But he has more than 1 trick up his sleeve though, be sure of that.

Key Items: Bloodstone Blade, Mwk Silver Dagger(Dorn’s), Tethyrian Dark Cloak(+2 hide, +4 at night), Mwk Studded Leather Armor(made by Tella), Forestor’s Cloak(made by Rissis, sort of his signature back in the military), Ram Ring, Zuggtmoy’s Blessing, +1 Light Crossbow(from the Count)

Horse: A fine steed paid for by Red House. Rissis has come to like his horse Moonwhisper, it wears a fine riding saddle.

Rissis wears sporting typical light faerunian elven garb with a sword, bow, and quiver across his back, as well as another sword at his waiste(left side). He prefers elven weapons and considers anything of elven make to be the best quality imaginable, however he will admire a finely made weapon or item if it deems worthy of it.


Rissis Naillo, the mercenary forest guide, was bred in Cormanthor Forest during the rule of the Elves during the time of the Dales Compact(Elves of Cormanthor signed a treaty that humans allowing them to live where the trees would not grow on the outskirts of the forest if they would not chop the wood, because the humans knew they wanted to). He was only 50 years old when he and his parents were driven out of Cormanthor by the collapse of Myth Drannor. Rissis’ parents and a fairly large group of elves fled to Battledale where they requested to live. The elves were welcome, however they would someday have to return the favor (the elves knew that they would one day have to fight on behalf of the Dalelands, which is the fate of most Dalefolk).

Rissis spent most of his adolescent elven life helping his kin aid the rest of the dale. The elves made clothing and tools and occasionally weapons. Being an elf, Rissis was taught in the ways of the sword, the bow, and somewhat of magic. He did not really appreciate the magic he conjured, it was usually unreliable and had a habit of not doing its intention (he showed little promise in “The Art”). Rissis felt the blade and the bow were more reliable implements. While not being taught the basics of fighting and archery, he helped in any way he could: making garments, sometimes helping the forgery of weapons, and farming.

When he had free time Rissis loved nothing more than exploring the peaceful Yevenwood Forest. He would track and hunt game there and hone his archery skills. His bow is now made of a tree out of Yevenwood. Rissis hoped to use the wood of the peaceful forest to bring peace.

At the ripe age of 80 it was time for Rissis and his friends (the elves stayed pretty close with each other as well as the human members of the dale), (also there are so many different races throughout the dales that Rissis has no prejudice towards any race, not even drow, whom he fought most in the dales)…at the ripe age of 80 it was time for the elves to pay back the dales for their gratitude. Rissis and all of his friends (even one of his closest, Respen Amalith) were enlisted in the militia and taught even more about combat and tactics. Rissis had a natural knack for being a noteworthy tactician. The Dalelanders of the local militia saw the elves had much skill to provide and were trained extensively. Rissis was trained to ride, to fight with melee weapons, to track/survive in the wild, and of course to shoot a bow. Noticing Rississ skill, the Dalelanders taught him even more of archery and bow making. He was taught to make a bow out of anything found in the wood. Rissis and the elves were put together as scouting parties that simply scouted for the local militias and avoided direct confrontation at all costs. After many scouting ventures Rissis was asked to lead the whole force of elves, he reluctantly declined and replied that he is better in the field.

This was just before Rississ biggest regret. After a hard battle where the elves were forced into direct combat. Many elves were lost (none of Rissis’ squad) and looking for vengeance Rissis’ commander told him to scout out for the enemy camp at night. Rissis believed that he had indeed found the enemy camp; the attack was planned and set. The plan was to surround the enemy camp in the the twilight of early morning and set it ablaze. And it was done.

After searching the remains of the charred campsite, Rissis’ party determined that it was not an enemy camp. It was actually a traveling caravan of traders on their way to the Dalelands. Arrune, the commander, would not admit what had just happened and defended his position, stating that it was completely necessary. This outraged Rissis. When Rissis asked the other elves what they thought, they all were silent. Later that night, Rissis packed up his things and quietly snuck away from the camp and his life. This is when he named himself Rissis to severe all ties to his old life, but thought of returning, maybe someday.

He headed southeast and eventually towards Calimshan. His plan was to be a mercenary scout and a guide through forests all over. He grew a slight reputation. This is where he was approached by The Red House Guild and his life changed completely.

Rissis Naillo

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