Count Vroulak

Vampire Lord, Resides in Tethyr


A generous vampire who resides in the abandoned underhalls of Castle Tethyr. The Count was rescued from a malicious devil by Santhil and Rissis, and offered his gratitude by offering his services to the pair. He states that his domain is always open to Rissis and Santhil and has two permanent guest rooms for them.

His castle is located on the material plane hidden within a pocket of the ethereal plane. His humble castle stands on a small island in the center of a large lake. Water gently laps at the both shores and in the distance, in all directions, is a vast forest that leads to the ethereal plane.

By talking with Count Vroulak, both Rissis and Santhil discerned that he is very old. He references very old events, almost as if he were present. And gives detailed accounts of families and days gone by in Waterdeep (something Santhil learned from brushing shoulders with wealthy elite). He has impeccable manners and speaks very fluently in any language the party uses with him. Other than that, he reveals very little of his personal past, other than that he built his castle so he would ‘have some quiet space with which to conduct research’. His accent is no doubt Amnian, however. But when speaking in other languages it is almost undetectable.

Count Vroulak

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