Welcome to My Nightmare

Contracts from Red House

Humble Beginnings

The Adventure Begins…

On a sun-drenched afternoon in Calimport, an elf, far from his home, saunters into a thieves guild. He is escorted into a back room through a narrow passage way. Richly colored shawls hang over the passageway and provide shade from the sun coming in through the roofless structure. The elf is thankful to be out of the heat. As he makes his way down the corridor, the smell of thick incense surrounds him. He comes upon an archway with many strings of beads hanging down. He pushes the beads to one side and peers in. He sees four figures sitting around a large, round wooden table.

Sitting at the table to his left is a half-elf, smoking a pipe with a turban wrapped neatly round his head. The smoking half-elf does not look up at the newcomer. Across the table, another much younger elf and a similarly aged human look on at the new arrival. And at the far end of the table, an older human squints and motions him to sit. " Rissis I presume," the man offers.

Rissis nods and takes a seat, setting his belongings and weapons on the floor beside him.

“Ok then,” the man begins, “We are all here now.”

Several terse introductions are made. The young elf introduces himself as Gespar, a local thief. Gespar introduces the human to his left as Vronsky, his good friend and and ally. The half-elf takes a break from his pipe and quietly adds, “Kelmer”. The older human introduces himself as Turk, the leader of Calimport’s branch of the Red House Guild.

Turk hands out some documents to the group and allows them to look them over. “Its gonna be a quick and easy one.”

The party reads through the notes. They are to gain entrance to a nobleman’s manor and steal six pieces of artwork. Turk explains that the nobleman is a Zhent sympathizer and has been hiding behind his public office while accepting the lucrative offers from the criminal organization. Turk also explains that the artwork originally belonged to Red House, so the party is more or less “recovering” it.

With all the necessary info, and a little spending money provided by Red House, the party sets out to gather information and plan a course of action.

The party checks into a local inn several blocks south of the nobleman’s residence and begins to do some research. They find out that the nobleman lives on a gated property that has sentries that patrol the grounds. With several more successful Gather Information checks, he group also found out that a local tavern in the area had a cellar that lead to the sewer system of Calimport, which they believe could be used to get to their destination. They decided to enter the tavern and keep a low profile while finding information out. Santhil and Rissis gained easy entry and eventually slipped down into the wine cellar. There they found a trap door in the floor. This was proof enough, so the pair slipped back upstairs and returned to their inn. They decided to do more research the following day, but for the time being, retired to bed.

The next morning, Santhil put on his finest city council outfit and forged a note to allow the librarian to see the cities records.

“State your business!” the clerk at the library demanded. Santhil presented the forged document and proceeded to the back. There he found old city records and drawings. He scanned through them and discovered that there was indeed a small tunnel that connected the tavern’s wine cellar to the nobleman’s estate. Santhil made a quick copy of the document and returned to the party with the news.

Santhil, Vronsky, Gespar and Rissis looked over the map and hatched a plan: Vronsky would enter the tavern and order several rounds of drinks. Santhil and Rissis would quietly slip into the cellar and traverse through the tunnel and gain entry to the estate. Santhil and Rissis would then let Gespar and Vronsky in and proceed from there. The plan was made and executed.

Vronsky strolled in and ordered several pints of the strongest ale. He drank them quite quickly and became belligerent. Ordering more drinks and now shouting at the barmaids, Vronsky had created a large scene. Santhil and Rissis snuck past the ensuing chaos and into the cellar. They quietly picked the lock and went into the trap door. The air was cool and damp. The pair quietly crept through the tunnel while Vronsky continued to cause a disturbance upstairs.

Vronsky by this time had leapt behind the counter and was fighting the bar keep and other patrons. The entire place erupted into a brawl. A stout dwarf through a large human into the fire and many people broke their glass mugs filled with beer over the man’s head in an attempt to save him. Several chairs were broken over peoples backs and glass now littered the floor. The entire bar was a swarm of fighting and brutality. The barmaid hid behind the counter and the barkeep ran into the streets looking for help. Vronsky took this time to throw some gold coins behind the counter, paying his tab, and leave for the night.

Stumbling out into the street, Vronsky made his way to the gate of the estate where Gespar was also waiting for Santhil and Rissis to let them in. Vronsky was too drunk to account for the time it would take for the underground duo to reach their destination, and simply accosted the gate and demanded that the guards let him in. The guards scoffed at him and told him to move along. Vronsky continued to heckle the guards and more showed up. Vronsky challenged them all to a fight and said he would take on all ten. Gespar hid in a bush and waited for his opportunity.

Far below, Santhil and Rissis crept along in the long, narrow tunnel. They eventually made their way to a vertical shaft that ascended nearly forty feet to an iron cover. They popped the lid off and emerged into a green house. It was now nearly 11 o’clock at night and they had the advantage of the darkness. Santhil and Rissis looked out the glass windows and saw several guards patrolling the grounds. Santhil made some noise and was able to lure one of the guards over to the greenhouse. The guard entered warily and made his way to the back. Santhil dove from a tree in an attempt to knock him unconscious in one fell swoop, but failed miserably. The guard called out, alerting others, but it was too late for him. Santhil clubbed him and quickly removed the guards uniform. He threw the unconscious man down the hole they had emerged from and waited for more guards to arrive. Several minutes later, two more guards came in, investigating the scream. Rissis watched from a tree as Santhil offered them drinks of sand liquor. The guards happily obliged and began to drink. Santhil drank a little as well, but most of the potent alcohol went into the two guards. The began to blackout, and Santhil helped them find a nice bed by throwing them down the hold.

Just as they were about to leave the greenhouse, several more guards ran up to them from the northeast. They were out of breath and apparently too shook up to notice that Rissis was not a guard, “Help! An intruder at the north gate has set the fence on fire!” The guards ran off and Santhl and Rissis waited several moments before following.

They came upon a scene of large billows of think white smoke swirling in the wind. Many guards lay strewn about the place. The gate was wide open and a figure emerged. “Where the hell have you been?” Vronsky demanded, “I just threw my last smokestick at that guy”. Quickly realizing that they had all gained entry, one way or another, Rissis advised the group to get back into hiding and gain entrance to the estate’s large building.

Gespar, Rissis, Santhil and a now more sober Vronsky ran across the green lawn and came to the southwest entrance to the building. They climb up a garden trellis into a second story window and find themselves in a luxuriously furnished guest bed room. The party takes a quick stock of their surroundings and carefully make their way out into the hallway. They make a plan to figure out where the artwork is and meet back here to go from there. After listening in on several of the servants’s idle talk, they discover that the estate had received several packages and they were being held on the second floor on the northwest side of the building. They make their way there and gain entry into the room.

They were startled to see that they were not the only group after the works of art. A cloaked figure was already in the room and had throw most of the artwork out the window as they made their attempt to leave. Rissis dove for the cloaked figure, but they were too quick and hastily slipped a ring of invisibility on. All Rissis could do was watch as footprints made their way across the dew covered grass on the lawn below the window. The group had been beaten to the target and were frustrated that they had no information about a rival thief. Angrily they left the property through the tunnel. They emerged into the basement of the tavern once again, and quickly moved past the suspicious staff. They returned to their inn for the night and made plans to visit Gamu in the morning.

In the early twilight, the Santhil, Rissis, Vronsky and Gespar made their way through the winding streets and bazaars of Calimport to the Red House guild building. They strutted past the guards and into Gamu’s office. Rissis demanded an answer for the unsuccessful sortie. Gamu apologized, saying that he was not certain that there was going to be an third party involved and thus, did not want to complicate things further. “Unfortunately… He surfaced…” Gamu said under his breath. Not wanting to upset the loyal guild members, Gamu let them keep the money they had been fronted and offered another job to the party: They were to negotiate the sale of a “right-to-claim”. Gamu explained that Red House currently had gained rights to a sunken ship off the coast of Chult. Although the job would be quite lucrative, Red House did not have anyone available to complete the mission and Gamu thought it would yield greater results to sell the “claim” to a rival thieves guild. The party accepted the mission and again, received money to travel up north to Darromar where the rival guild was located. They purchased four fine Calimshani horses and prepared for the overland journey north.



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