Welcome to My Nightmare

Through the Door

Vronsky, Santhil and Rissis rested for some time in the narrow corridor, fearful of what may lie on the other side. They slept and ate in darkness, not wanting to waste a torch. After they had regained some of their strength, Vronsky lit a torch and approached the door. They drew their weapons and prepared themselves for what might lie beyond. Santhil checked it for traps and found their to be none. Rissis notched and arrow and took careful aim as Santhil threw the door open.

Beyond the threshold, they were greeted with utter darkness and a draining silence. Rissis scanned the area beyond, dimly illuminated by Vronsky’s torch. Across the room, a figure stirred in the torchlight. Santhil squinted his eyes and was able to make out the features of Dorn. The half-elf from Waterdeep was an old time friend of Santhil’s and the two exchanged confused smiles. Rissis notched an arrow, but Santhil push the bow down with his arm and warmly greeted his friend. Vronsky and Rissis walked into the hallway as Santhil and Dorn questioned each other. Dorn hinted that he was looking for something in the passages beneath the city, but that he had gotten lost and was now only looking for a way out. The party agreed to have Dorn join them so that they may escape the underground area.

Dorn said he had come through a door on the south side of the hallway and that he was busy picking a lock at the eastern end, but was unable to do so. Santhil crouched down and after several minutes clicked the door open. The door swung silently open revealing an inky passageway with a thick layer of dust. The four peered in and began to proceed. Suddenly, a cold breeze fell over the party and a dismal drone emanated from the end of the hallway. A wavering mist floated towards them with a faint light glowing from within its formless body. Rissis quickly notched an arrow and loosed it. The shaft sailed through the apparition and in continued forward. The party froze in terror as the drone became louder and louder and another glowing presence emerged from further down the passage. Stuck to where they stood, a dark fate awaited them…

Yet as the droning became louder and louder, Rissis was able to make out the flat sound of leather boots landing on the stone floor after a short fall. A stream of liquid could be heard as it splashed onto the ground followed by the shattering of a glass container. Far down the hallway, a bright blue flame erupted along the blade of a keen sword. A slender figure in black leapt towards the first ghost and effortlessly dispatched of it. The blade flashed and danced in the shadows and its eerie flame cut through the insubstantial evil and it dissipated into the air. The stranger speedily closed gap to the next one which was within arms reach of Rissis and deftly lashed out with the blade, parting the misty form into two, in one quick stride. The figure swept past Rissis without so much as a glance and proceeded down the hallway past the others.



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