Welcome to My Nightmare

A Trip to Darromar

Santhil, Rissis, Gespar, and Vronsky saddle up in the morning and point their horses northward towards the nation of Tethyr. They make final preparations for the trip; buying water, food, rope and horse feed. In the dim haze of the morning, the four set off across the Calim Desert. Once they leave the desert, they plan to continue northward until they hit the River Ith and follow it eastward until they come to the city of Darromar.

The trip through the desert is uneventful. The four adventurers travel during the late afternoon, all through the night and into the late morning. They rest during the hottest hours of the afternoon. Birds pass over head and hot sands blow across the dunes. far in the distance, caravans of marching figures can be seen. Rissis wonders how people could call such an inhospitable environment home. The Calim Desert is devoid of green flora that permeates the Dalelands.

On the third day the party left the desert and continued across the rolling plains towards the River Ith. Form atop a high hill, Gespar spotted the snaking river and the group continued down towards the banks. The horses lapped at the water while the party made plans to camp out. In the morning, the party set out at a blistering pace, being able to travel quickly now that they had escaped the heat of the desert and the shifting sands.

After another days ride, they we able to spot the distant city of Darromar far to the east. They road down into a valley and continued east. As they neared the city, they came upon an abandoned cart. The group took time to dismount and investigate. Several bandits leapt from the sides of the trail and made an attempt to subdue the party. After a small scuffle, the group had slain the bandits and decided it was best if they carry on. Much closer to the city, the group came upon two more horsemen dragging two elderly men behind their horses. The men on the horses looked similar to the bandits from before: cruel looking, middle aged men, wearing tattered cloaks and wielding worn long swords. The party slew the bandits and freed the men. Unfortunately it was too late. The men had been badly injured and death crept close to them. Before they passed, they lamented that they had been attacked by bandits further back and that more members of their traveling caravan had been kidnapped. With little they could do, the party continued into the city, cautious of more bandits.

The party entered the city and marveled at its grandeur. Situated on both banks, of the River Ith, the city is home to many wealthy noblemen and women. It is a stop for those traveling from the Lake of Steam region, to the southern tip of the Dragon Coast.

Upon entering the city, the four checked their horses into a stable and then went their separate ways, with a plan to meet up later. Santhil scouted out an inn. Rissis searched out an armorer and a bowyers workshop. Vronsky and Gespar went to look for a tavern to quench their thirst from the trail and the scuffle with the bandits.

Rissis makes his way to an armor shop owned by a female human. He inquires about a suit or armor and the woman takes measurements and says that it will be finished in several days. Rissis thanks her for her time and continues to stroll around Darromar.

Santhil checks into an inn owned by an older human. Gespar and Vronsky check into a separate inn on the other side of town. As Rissis returns to the inn Santhil reserved for them, he notices the sky beginning to darken. Rissis also overhears natives of the city talking about a coming storm. Rissis hurries back to the inn to find that Santhil has stepped out. Rissis unpacks his belongings as rain begins to fall outside.

Vronsky and Gespar return to their inn after several hours of frequenting the taverns. As they step outside, they are surprised to find that it is now pouring down rain. While inside the warm tavern, they did not notice the storm creep up. They walk through the downpour back to their room and begin to climb the stairs. As they near the top of the steps, they notice something strange: a small puddle of water seeps from the bottom of the door to their room. Gespar and Vronsky silently nod to each other as they draw their weapons. Vronsky throws open the door and Gespar leaps in. The room is silent however, save for the pitter-pat of rain that falls into the room through the open window. Vronsky lowers his guard and examines the window. It was not broken, merely left open, allowing water to collect on the floor. Neither Vronsky nor Gespar recall leaving the window open and find it odd. Vronsky peers out the window and notices a figure creeping around on the ground far below. Through the rain and darkness, he is unable to make it out except that it is humanoid. Gespar locks the window shut and the two try and get some sleep.

Santhil walks in to find Rissis laying on his bed, whittling a piece of wood. Santhil sets his belongings down and the two prepare to go out for a late supper. They don their cloaks and head out into the now thundering rain storm. They settle on a quiet tavern and order some local food. After supper, the pair returns to their inn. They are startled when they find the front door is locked. They slam on the door. After several moments, the innkeep answers and tells them to go away. They say that they have a room in the inn and demand entrance. Reluctantly the man opens the door. He nervously looks them up and down and tells them to go to their room at once and lock the door. Rissis and Santhil find this odd and climb the stairs to their room…



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