Welcome to My Nightmare

A Dark and Stormy Night

As Santhil and Rissis pushed open the door, they could already tell that something was wrong. A cold breeze greeted them and the sound of thunder could be heard. Santhil lit an oil lamp and surveyed the room: the beds had been torn up, their belongings lay scattered about, and the window was broken off its hinges, rain pouring in.

Rissis could hear some sort of scratching on the opposite side of the over turned bed. He drew his bow and took careful aim. As he crept over, a gaunt human leapt from bed and slashed at Rissis with its skeletal hand. Rissis let an arrow loose and it pierced the creature in the chest, black blood spurting from its wound. Santhil grabbed his mace and bludgeoned the creature over its head. The creature snarled and grabbed hold of Santhil. Just as it was about to sink its teeth into the half-elf’s flesh, Rissis slashed its head clean off with his blade. The limp body fell to the floor, a puddle of inky blood pooling.

Rissis and Santhil searched the rest of the room for anymore stowaways, but found none. They barred the window with the table and took stock of their belongings. Once they were calm enough, Santhil asked, “What was that?”, genuinely shaken. “I’m not sure,” Rissis guessed, “but I have heard stories of creatures in the Dalelands that descriptions match this… thing”.

They are interrupted as the innkeep slams open the door holding a wooden club and a bulls-eye lantern. “What’s the meaning of this?!” he demands. Rissis and Santhil explain that they do not know what is going on. The innkeep is not amused and demands that they leave immediately. Rissis and Santhil gather their belongings and walk out into the dark, stormy streets. They decide it would be best if they locate Vronsky and Gespar and set out to look for them.

Vronsky snaps awake as a loud boom of thunder crashes overhead. Looking around, he sees that Gespar is sound asleep. Vronsky pours himself a glass of water and walks over to the window. Sipping his drink he looks out and notices a pair of eyes glowing in the darkness. The eyes sit atop a building on the other side of the street. Vronsky stairs at the eyes for several moments and then turns to Gespar and back. The eyes still stair into the room. The rain and fog clouds Vronsky’s vision and he is unable to make out the rest of the creature that stairs at him. This worries Vronsky and he shakes Gespar awake. Point out the window, Vronsky shows Gespar the silent menace. Gespar grows worried and decides to take a shot at it with his bow. Vronsky pushes the window open and Gespar takes the shot. The arrow sails through the air and pierces the creature. Its vague shape reels in pain and crawls further into the shadows, out of sight. Gespar and Vronsky exchange nervous glances as Vronsky shuts the window. Just as he is shutting it however, he hears a noise from outside the window. It sounds like something is crawling around on the roof of the inn, claws dragging on the slate shingles. Gespar can now hear it as well from within the room. Gespar moves to another window and peers out. He can see a sickly looking humanoid scaling a gutter in the alleyway. Gespar motions to Vronsky and the pair decide to head out into the streets to investigate…



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